New Year

I’ve written and deleted a few drafts since my last post, from well-intentioned recipe posts that I never quite finished, to ones focussed on personal-development ones that sputtered out before reaching their conclusion.

It seems I have been suffering from a bit of writer’s block for the past several months.

Not that there hasn’t been a lot to write about.

In fact, the past year has been chock-full of things to write about.

A year ago I started my first post-MA job, and four months ago I left that job in a leap of faith to find something more personally fulfilling. Thankfully it worked out!

Besides the concrete changes, this year has been a year of major growth. Many of my relationships have changed, mostly for the better, as I have tried to take better care of myself, and leave my co-dependent tendencies behind (hopefully for good!).

Maybe the reason I’ve found it so hard to finish a post has been that there has been too much going on, that by the time I sat down and wrote a post, it already seemed to be out of date.

Anyway, the point of my rambling is that I miss posting and sharing bits of my life on this platform. If there are any readers still checking in, I’m sorry for the long lag in content. It is my genuine intention to do better, to once again fill this space with fun cocktail recipes, tips for growth, and ways to make as effort-filled life feel a little more effortless– or at least try.

Any suggestions, as always, are appreciated.

Happy New Year!



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