Growing Pains

Admittedly this is not an area where I have a wealth of experience, which is exactly why I wanted to write it.

My career over the past 12 months has been all over the place. From graduating with my MA in Arts & Cultural Management, to spending several months working at a tech company, and now a museum (yay!), I now have an offer for a job at an auction house (which I applied for months ago, but just heard back). I’m certainly not complaining (I would have killed to have been in this position a little over a year ago!), but it’s hard to know what to do.

I feel like no one I know has had a straightforward career progression, instead moving around to several different jobs before hitting on something they feel passionately about. Maybe it’s a generational thing, maybe a function of the post-recession economy. Who knows. Anyway, my point is, it’s hard to picture a straightforward career track, or really assess which job i’d be happier in when I know I could be happy in both, that each represents a different path that would lead to equally exciting places and opportunities– just different ones. I’ve gone back a forth a million times about what to do, and in doing so have felt super-millennial– full of anxiety and indecision about my future.

It reminds me of my freshman year of college, choosing classes for the first time. With the massive range of things to learn and discover I found myself with the stark realisation that what I didn’t chose would have as much impact on my future as what I did. I realised that by choosing the classed I wanted, or even that worked with my schedule, could mean closing myself off from tons of different opportunities to learn just as interesting, but different things. Did I love the Art History classes I took? Absolutely, but in that moment, and in fleeting moments after, I still image how my life would be different if I’d studied English (or anything else) instead.

As I’ve thought about my decision more, I’ve realised that I would be equally sad to leave one, while at the same time would be equally sad to let the other go. If only I could do both at once!

As difficult as it is, I am definitely grateful to be in this position, and feel good knowing that no matter what I chose, I have an amazing opportunity ahead of me– I just wish it was a little easier to pick which one.



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